Free handling, no extra cost!

Free liftgate + Residential curbside delivery + delivery notification + tracking!

Our all shipping estimates and quotes includes residential delivery and liftgate service included, that means you don't have to worry about the unload material at delivery time.


Trucking company will be deliver your material to as much as possible closest location such as driveway, but not the inside the house or garage! Inside delivery requires extra insurance, liability and available at the time of arrangement with extra cost. Backyard delivery , inside the garage considered "inside delivery" by shipping companies.


Real Time Estimate
Not like the most other retailers you can get estimate/quote for your order, if the material is not noted/offers free shipping. We offer free to arrange shipment for your under behalf of you. When you calculate shipping our high tech backend finds best shipping rates for you as well as automatically search closest location of the material for you. Usually shipping qutes are good 3-5 days unless otherwise noted at the checkout. Based on the quote you will notify approximately delivery time based on the weather, distance and other factors. We recommend our customers to do not arrange any contractor/installer until you get material or you have guaranteed delivery service. In case 3rd party companies may having difficulty to deliver your material in some cases.

Your order will be process right after you place! you will inform about the details of your order and may you will receive call from us.

We won't charge you until your order is ready to ship! We will ask final confirmation to you to ship material. Please make sure and confirm shippping address is correct and at delivery time someone is ready to receive order, otherwise we/you will charged by shipping company for extra arrangement or change of address.

How is your material Packed?In most shipments your material is secured in pallet/crates. Depend on your order and manufacturer packing size you may receive your material in pack or boxes. We don't sell reuse/returned/refurbished/broken material!You always receive items in original package unless clearly noted/labeled in your order.We don't breake original packages!


Shipping is in your responsibility! We will arrange shipment on behalf of you.
When you receive material please make sure items/products are in good condition. May products damaged/dropped/broken during the shipment.
If you see any damage on the product or products are different than your order DO NOT ACCEPT THE MATERIAL.

If you accept any broken/damaged material we can not able to handle it after that. It is not possible to open claim.




Natural Stone tiles are packed in crate or on pallet and each crate/pallet weight is ~3000lbs.



For the safety shipping weight limit per pallet-crate is 2000lbs. Some travertine and marble products pallet-crates weight is more than 3000lbs. If your order makes more than 3000 lbs, may we can break the pallet-crate in to two and you will receive more pallets. If your quote is per/pallet you may have to pay more shipping. In this case you will be notified. If you have Forklift/muffet available at delivery address please notify us, you may save extra shipping cost if we don't need to break pallets.Receiving material;





Lift gate (free service)

Our shipping quotes include free lift gate service + curbside delivery.

Unload Residential Curbside delivery (Free service)

Truck driver will be unload your material from truck with transpallet and place as much as possible closest location to your home. (Free service)







Muffet - Only include in flatbed quotes




If your order is arranged to deliver with flatbed truck you will need muffet/forklift to unload material from truck. Otherwise noted our flatbed quotes includes muffet.


Inside Residential Delivery - Not included

If you want to receive your material inside the house there will be extra charge for liability and insurance. Please request extra quote for inside delivery service. (Backyard will considered inside delivery)


Shipment tracking code will be available after we ship the material. We will notify our customer after that point, you can directly call shipping company, or track either on our web site or shipping company web-site.



Businesses are welcome to order bulk, truck orders, if you want you can arrange your own shipment or we can compare/research best available options for your business/jobsite delivery.



Are you trucking company?Please do not hesitate to contact us @ 754-900-TILE (8453)